Interactive Calendar Tutorial

This new interactive calendar gives you several "views" to see when and where various chapter meetings and events are planned.


List View

This view gives you a list of the date, time and main heading of the event. To see full details, move your mouse curser over the red underlined area of the listing and left click to see the Detailed View.


Detailed View

Every listing has a detailed view. You can reach a detailed view from List View, the Week View or the Month View. Each detailed view includes the date, time, meeting details and the ability to see a Google Map of the meeting location and link to the group web page. Move your mouse curser over the red underlined meeting address and left click to see the Google Map do the same for the link to the web page.


Week View

This view is similar to "calendar at a glance" programs. When you open this view, you will need to scroll down until a meeting time is shown on the calendar. To see the Detailed View, move your mouse curser over the meeting on the calendar and left click.


Month View

This view shows an entire month and meetings for a particular day are indicated by a black bar. If there are multiple meetings on a particular day, there are black bars to represent each meeting. To quickly see a Detailed View, move your mouse curser over a black bar, a pop up window will show you the Detailed View. This pop up will go away if you move the curser off the black bar and a new pop up will appear if you move your mouse curser over another black bar. If you want to keep the Detailed View open, then left click on your mouse while your mouse curser is over a black bar.


Additional Capabilites

A wide variety of information can be included in the Detailed View. We are already using the ability to have one click to a Google Map of the meeting location and the link to the groups web page. We can also include pictures, links to sign up sheets that can include "what I will bring" details, downloads if you want to include details of a project or lists of items to bring or anything else you might want to include.


This is YOUR calendar, please submit any information you want included about your Neighborhood Group to:


Look for submission information and forms coming soon to our Member's Only password protected area.