Meet the San Diego County Chapter Advisory Board


Jan Steffen, President San Diego Chapter







 I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. My mother taught me to sew when I was a girl, and for years I loved making doll clothes. I sewed many of my own clothes in high school. I am married and have a son and a daughter. My husband's job brought us to Sunnyvale, CA in 1977. I was a busy volunteer mom while our kids were growing up, and my sewing mainly consisted of patching and mending. I worked as an elementary school teacher until I retired in 2003. We moved to the Placerville, CA area, and I joined the wonderful ASG chapter there. I discovered that sewing and sharing with ASG friends was so much FUN! In 2006 when we moved to Carlsbad, one of the first things I did was find an ASG meeting to attend. I continue to learn from and enjoy ASG activities, and look forward to being Vice President—Membership for the San Diego chapter.




Andi Stout, Treasurer






During my basic budgeting in the college years, I’d window browse, see something I liked, then walk down the Mission Valley mall to House of Fabrics to purchase the fabric. I felt like I’d won a prize when I’d make something for one third the cost of the original. I always enjoy selecting my own colors and getting the fit the way I like it.
After realizing that I did not enjoy my selected major it was easy to switch to one for which I had a passion—Home Economics (now called Family and Consumer Science). After graduating from San Diego State, with a degree in Secondary Education, I was hired by the Carlsbad school district. Thirty-six years after filling the position as ‘home economics’ teacher, where I had lots of fun, a bit of stress, but, mostly, many wonderful students and good life-time memories, I joined the retirement group. I’ve had the most passion with the creative needle arts and sewing classes. ASG keeps me connected with others who continue to inspire and motivate




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Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival  -  Position available

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