Teach Another Generation - T.A.G.! A project to support the new ASG Junior Membership at  special classes  to be held during Conference and in youth outreach programs throughout the country.  


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  • Basic Sewing Supplies:
    • Scissors
    • Small ruler or hem gauge
    • Measuring Tape
    • Capped Seam Ripper
    • Chalk Marker
    • Hand-Sewing Needles
    • Spool of thread

2012 National Community Service Project


The Blanket Project

The Houston Chapter, host of ASG's 2012 annual conference, invites all ASG chapters to participate in The Blanket Project which addresses a need common to all communities and provides warmth and comfort to those most in need of it. We have selected three types of blankets for our national community service project:


  • Lap blankets for hospice patients.
  • Lap blankets for veterans (VA hospitals or other verterans service programs).
  • Receiving blankets for babies (indigent families).

We are encouraging you to support your own communities by donating blankets locally. Please find an organization in your area that can use these blankets.


Download the compete PDF instruction file

2011 National Community Service Project


Painted Turtle Pillow

The Painted Turtle Camp is the 6th addition to the Paul Newman family of Hole in the Wall Camps for seriously ill children. It is the only multi-disease camp and family care center of its kind on the West Coast. Through educational, therapeutic, safe and just plain fun summer camp and year-round programs, The Painted Turtle Camp provides a life-changing experience to children whose daily struggles often diminish their desire and their ability to lead a rich, productive life. To learn more about The Painted Turtle visit www.thepaintedturtle.org

2010 National Community Service Project


U.S. Troops Drawstring Bag

Operation Care Package is a non-profit organization that receives, fills and mails drawstring bags to deployed service men and women from all branches of the armed forces. The drawstring bag pattern for this project was designed by Laura Martell of The Creative Thimble. The 14” drawstring bag holds a filled gallon baggie. The troops use the bags for personal use and some pass them on to the children in Iraq. When finished send to Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox Street, Joliet, IL 60435.

2009 National Community Service Project


Standard Size Pillowcases for Ronald McDonald House!

The 2009 National Community Service Project had approximately 5,000 pillowcases that were donated to the Albuquerque Ronald McDonald House! This number does not include the pillowcases that were distributed to local charities by each chapter. Pillowcases dimensions were measured at 21” x 32” and were made of 100% cotton in children’s prints and bright colors. For information on how you can continue to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities, contact them today!

2008 National Community Service Project


Anti-Ouch Pouch by Deon Maas

The Anti-Ouch Pouch is a pillow that hangs from the shoulder, fitting snugly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment.The wedge shape gently holds the arm away from the body when the user is standing. The strap holds the pillow in place without having to use sore arm muscles to “clutch” it.The strap is adjustable and the fiberfill may be adjusted via the overlapped opening.

2007 National Community Service Project


iCare - Intensive Care for the Spirit

icare_140In response to a need for pajamas designed to meet the special needs of hospital patients, the American Sewing Guild, Inc. and Wild Ginger Software, Inc. teamed up to provide a free program for drafting custom and standard sized sewing patterns for gown, pajamas and accessories for patient medical care.

The special iCare downloadable patterns includes sizes for men, woman and children, making it suitable for a variety of health-care related charitable sewing projects. The downloadable program is free to anyone who wishes to sew garments for non-profit and charitable purposes.

Included are:

  • Gowns, Pajamas, and Accessories for Patient Medical Care
  • Standard and Custom Sizing for all items
  • Complete Program Help and Sewing Instructions
  • Download the patterns from Wild Ginger Software, Inc.
icare custom patterns for hospital gowns, pajamas and accessories for medical care