Community Service Projects - A History of Giving

The San Diego Chapter of the American Sewing Guild has a proud history of donating member's time, talent, and energy for needed sewing projects to both our National Organization and local San Diego groups. Giving back to your community is part of a rich and rewarding life. As a Chapter Member, you will join an organiztion dedicated to contributing to the quality of life of others in need.

Days 4 Girls charity sewing at No Co Coastal NG










Our NG was a hub of activity on Sat 1/11/20. Days 4 Girls coordinator Rene arranged an assembly line  to implement the steps necessary to construct the feminine hygene kits for girls in Africa. Without sanitary products, the girls can't go to school during their menstrual cycles, severely limiting their educational opportunities. Rene had stations of straight stitchers, sergers, measurers and cutters for yards of flannel fabric. The hum of machines along with the hum of conversation was purposeful and soothing. The completed items are packaged in colorful drawstring bags along with underwear and a few cleaning supplies. We can just imagine the smiles on the girl's faces when they are given this gift that enables them to stay in school with the hope of a bright future. Such a worthy cause, our NG will continue to sew for Days 4 Girls. 

Breast Cancer Pillows


One of our local service projects was making Breast Cancer Pillows for patients that have just had a mastectomy. These pillows support the patient after surgery by giving them relief from pressure on their incision.

Diana's Angels


Diana's Angels began in 1997 in Iowa when Diana sadly miscarried triplets. At the time, the only garments small enough for burial were doll clothes from a toy store. The ladies in her church vowed to fill this need for other grieving mothers. Here are some of the garments donated by San Diego ASG members.

Tote Bags


When the Center for Community Solutions came to the San Diego Chapter for tote bags for the Battered Women's Shelter, our organization responded with generous support. These ladies in need often arrive at the shelter with nothing but the clothes on their back. The goal is to help rebuild a difficult life.

Preemie Tube Pillows


Often a project begins with a simple request. This was the case when Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego asked for Preemie Tube Pillows from our San Diego Chapter. The hospital requested pillows in three sizes and our chapter members eagerly and quickly responded with their generous support.

Comfort Pillows

Every April the North County Super Sewers donate their time and skills to sew comfort pillows for the Mira Mesa Woman's Club. To be distributed by them to hospitals and individuals through out the country. The club sends out approximately 4000 to 5000 yearly.